The Divine Woman

Last week was the release of the poem “Fear of success”. Right after writing that, a realization dawned upon me: it’s not success that scares me. It’s the path to success that does. There where I walk in my innate strength, where I speak out on my Truth, where I express my purest self limitlessly. It’s a fear that has roots far into the past. I’m not literally tied up anymore, yet deep marks remain visible on my soul’s body. The divine woman.In this piece of poetry below I uncovered a deeper depth of the fear that I was experiencing. My guess is that every woman deals with this fear, whether it’s consciously or not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or feelings after listening to “The Divine Woman” over in the comment section below. With my love, Sanne.

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The Divine Woman | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays
The Divine Woman
Walking in your innate strength
Give to yourself first | #outspokensundays - Poetry, spoken word #outspokensundays | The Art of Connected Living
Give to yourself first
A resolution for the rest of your lifetime

Winds of freedom | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays
Winds of freedom
Show up and surrender
Morning bliss | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays
Morning bliss
Calmness on a cloudy morning

2 thoughts on “The Divine Woman”

  1. Basha Letsididi

    ” The Divine Woman” this poem is truly beautiful! I felt some emotions rush through my entire body, it brought back my past experiences which have been securely buried in my mind and for a split moment i felt every emotion as if it was yesterday. I was married before, it was far from bliss and i have to say, my marriage was the most daunting and crippling period i ever experienced. during that period,my soul was scarred more than i could ever imagine, all of my greatness that i knew God had blessed me with were all stripped off me by those who couldn’t bear the thought of a powerful woman. I was not flaunting my powers, but those afraid could sense that and decided they would do whatever it takes to make me as small as anything, and along the way, as i became very very small, i lost touch with myself!…..When listening, i almost felt like it referred to me. So i can clearly relate to this poem. So thank you so much Sanne (i hope i spelt your name right) for sharing such a powerful poem with us.

    1. Dear Basha, I am deeply touched by your resonance with the poem. I hope that feeling through the emotions helped you in the process of letting go and reconnecting with your innate worth and strength. May you (continue to) find the courage step into your brightest light, connect with the absolute love that ever resides within and elevate your being in the most Divine ways. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! With my love, Sanne

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