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Prayer: Tree of life

May this prayer elevate your being and guide you to connection with the One Truth within yourself.
To hold space for your personal connection with The Most High, we don’t address the Essence with any names in the prayers we share. Turn to God, your Angels, the Universe or whatever you name It when you read or recite this prayer.

Please help me
to release the seeds of
fear, insecurity, guilt
and all untruth.

May I become a clear vessel,
the home of the tree of life,
with roots and fruits of
love, faith, joy,
bliss, clarity, health,
freedom and well-being
deeply settled in the divine soil
of my being.

May the tree of life
and all of Your goodness
be the only things
growing and thriving within me.
In faith I surrender.

Feel free to share your own prayers or wishes of light in the comments for other readers.
Let’s raise our vibrations and evolve, together ♥

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