Profound ancient wisdom made practical

An authentic teacher who’s usually out of your reach now at your fingertips. No trips to India needed. You’ll love this!

Story of your life

→ You’re all about seeking more spiritual depth and getting to know your true self, but at times, you just feel stuck. In those moments you don’t really have anybody to turn to. You wish you had someone in your life who you could ask for guidance, someone who’s further along the path than you are.

→ To try and find the answers you’re looking for, you turn to books, courses, podcast and what not. At first you feel inspired, but soon enough the inspiration turns into overwhelm. How to implement all this?! After taking in all the information, you still feel stuck… And alone. How to get to true wisdom and profound transformations?!

→ It’s hard to find the authentic teachers you’re looking for. You’re skeptical of most (self proclaimed) teachers, coaches and gurus out there who all seem to say the same things. And most of what’s being said is just pretty for the ears, but not at all practical. At this point of your journey, you’re so past the “learn to manifest big money” and “do this and all your dreams become reality” talk. You’ve heard all that. You just want to get to the essence, the truth, the depth.

You just want true wisdom, the kind that leads to deeply knowing yourself, to inner peace and ultimately, to unconditional joy… 

A lot of truth seekers in our community felt like this before they joined us in this learning experience. So, the good news is: you’re alone and you came to the exact right place! Time for change. We’re bringing the authentic teacher to you! You know, the kind that serves and teaches out of love, care, selflessness and experience.

The importance of learning from an authentic teacher

The monk’s explanation: “the most important thing to realize is that consciousness passes on through vibration, therefore you’ve got to make sure you’re learning from someone who holds purity in their own life and teaches from a place of spiritual depth. Their spiritual depth will help you to develop your spiritual depth.”  

To get a taste of what’s to come, listen to this snippet of a personal conversation between Sanne (our founder) and the monk who you’ll be learning from in the Masterclass.

[ NOTE: the quality of the recording below is not a reflection of the quality of the masterclass! We didn’t plan on using this recording, it was initially made for personal use only ]

Learn from a monk

Masterclass by a monk

This masterclass is 1 hour and 7 minutes worth of profound ancient wisdom, made practical and easy to apply in the modern world that we live in.

What’s being revealed during the class?
A proven 4-step process that has been around for ages and has enabled countless people to transform their life – spiritually, emotionally and materially.

Lifetime access
You can revisit the masterclass whenever you feel called to, because you’ll have ongoing access to the audio file. Here for you whenever you need it!

Masterclass by a monk


It's gonna be good, but don't just take our word for it

After listening to the masterclass, I fell silent. So many beautiful insights and moments of realization! It was a mixture of knowing that I'm on the right path, but also seeing that more profound transformations don't just happen. If you want transformation, you have to take the right steps. And that's why everybody should hear this Masterclass. It teaches you how to get closer to your True Self and how you can further evolve from that connection. This wisdom is going to change my life even more, I'm so excited, thank you!

Miranda, from the Netherlands

The wisdom coming from the monk is so valuable and has put my spiritual journey and my concept of spirituality in a new light. Everything he shares in the masterclass feels so pure. It makes you want to start applying the steps in your own life right away. I feel like I received the exact insights I needed at this point in my spiritual journey. Soon I'll listen the masterclass again, to see what’s there for me then. That’s great, that you can access it whenever you need it along your spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend this masterclass! ✨💛🙏🏼

Riëlle, from the Netherlands

Taking this masterclass has inspired me to be more disciplined with my morning routine. I understand now the importance of being consistent and will make every effort to stick with my routine. Also I have a better understanding about listening VS hearing. For me it was the missing link for having healthy relationships. I am so grateful for this wisdom and I am excited to put it into action.

Amie, from Hawaii

What you'll learn

The 4 key steps that leads to true and lasting transformation. 

✓   Tools that lead knowing your True Self, the depths of who you are.

✓  How social media can prevent you from discovering your own authenticity and true personality.

✓  The most important step in reaching your goals.

✓  How to access the pure feeling of gratitude (no, listing blessings or meditating on happy moments is not it)

✓  The importance of discipline and willpower in your life. 

✓  How to recognize authentic teachers and wisdom in the midst of an overload of information.

✓  One of the big misconceptions spirituality and what it means to live a spiritual life.

✓ What the ultimate goal in life is according to a monk.

✓ What praying truly is and how prayers help to transform your life (and we’ll also get the biggest misconception out of the way: that praying is only for religious people. That’s not at all the case.)

Learning from a monk is like...

… getting a refreshing perspective from someone who devoted himself to service and spirituality.

… learning about practical tools and tips that are effective and easy to apply in your modern day life.

… learning about ancient processes that lead to spiritual depth.

… being encouraged to find your own individual ways within those processes. 

… having a guide who just shares profound wisdom to enable you to connect the dots.

Learning from a monk is not like...

… listening to someone who’s trying to force his ideas and beliefs upon you.

… learning about practices that are only useful if you decide to become a monk.

… listening to fixed ideas based on a religion, coming from someone who doesn’t understand your world.

… listening to someone who’s trying to force “the right way of doing things” upon you.

… hearing from someone who claims to know all the answers and tries to convince you of his ideas.

Transformation starts with a decision

Take the Masterclass by a monk & transform your life one step at a time.