let's gather to

talk, heal, feel, deal, release, rise, learn, awaken, transform, meditate, reveal, transcend, elevate, connect, unite and evolve 

Story of your life

→ You feel alone at times as you’re finding your way in life, especially since you are drawn to the more spiritual ways of living. It feels like you’re misunderstood by society and by most people around you. You’d love a place to go that elevates your soul, with people that walk the same road, a community to vibe with on the regular.

→  You’ve come a long way when it comes to personal and spiritual growth, but at times, you just feel stuck and caught up in the duality of life. In those moments you don’t really have anybody to turn to. You wish you had a support system that is ready to lift you out of moments of forgetfulness and feeling stuck.

→ You’ve acquired quite some wisdom along the way, yet you still struggle with implementation and consistency in your day to day life. Old habits keep outwitting you and most of the time, inner peace is a foreign concept. You’d love to receive guidance from someone who actually experiences deep inner peace.

Basically, you’d just love more wisdom, soulful people and guidance in your life – so you can take more brave steps that lead to deeply knowing yourself, to inner peace and ultimately, to unconditional joy… 

We've got you!

We’re hosting a series of live guidance sessions, taking place every month. The intention of the sessions is to talk, heal, feel, deal, release, rise, learn, awaken, transform, meditate, reveal, transcend, elevate, connect, unite and evolve together in a safe space.

The sessions will be hosted by our founder, Sanne van der Ploeg. She has devoted the last two years to intensive self-transformation: she made doing profound inner work and seeking Divine Wisdom her fulltime job.

Now that she got to a point where inner peace is not merely a nice concept anymore, she wants nothing more than to serve others with the wisdom she has acquired so far. She is ready to share her light, with the intention to illuminate yours.

MONTHLY live guidance sessions

Invite only

We’re devoted to providing you with a safe space to learn and grow. That’s why the sessions are not open to the public, they are on invite only. However, you can easily receive your personal invites by putting your name on the list.

What’s going down during the live sessions?
We’ll kick off the session with a guided meditation. Afterwards we’ll be going into depth on various topics that arise. You may ask questions, too. Sanne will offer you wisdom and guidance to the best of her ability. 

Donation based
In August and September 2021 the live sessions are donation based. There is no fixed entry fee, you may offer whatever you feel inspired to give after the session.


It's gonna be good, but don't just take our word for it

You'll walk away with...

Love, peace and wisdom.

✓  Expanded consciousness. You can see the bigger picture of life and your part in it a bit more clear after each session as a result of all the wisdom that’s being shared.

A sense of ease. Clarity naturally leads to a sense of ease and surrender to the flow of life. Nothing better than to walk life with a calmness in your heart and being, right?

Higher vibrations. When a bunch of soulful come together to learn and grow together, the energy within each and everyone of us just naturally rises and takes us higher. 

Clear intentions and clarity on what your next steps are in your self-transformation journey. With the clarity and high vibrations, you’re ready to act upon what you’ve learned.

Practical tips. To make the implementation of what we’ve discussed easier and to help you to stay consistent in your practices. Wisdom without implementation is useless, so we’re definitely not skipping that part. 

✓ A community with people that vibe alike and a place that you can come to every month, to elevate your spirit on the regular, to learn new things and to feel the support of other souls on the path to inner peace. 

Some more details about the sessions

  • When you sign up, you’ll receive the date and time of the upcoming sessions via email. (We also do polls on the regular to check in with you on what time and day works best for you. So even if the dates and times below don’t work for you, make sure you still sign up so we can learn what would work for you.)
  • We gather in an online meeting room (you’ll receive more instructions on that once you’ve decided to join).
  • Each session lasts about 1,5 hour.
  • As long as the sessions are donation based (August & September 2021), there will be no replay available. You’re either there, or you’re not.
Upcoming sessions:
Saturday September 18th, 5.00pm UTC
Saturday October 16th, 5.00pm UTC


Most frequent questions and answers

We want to hold space for people who are truly devoted to their self-transformation. We value or community and want to provide them with a safe and high vibrational place. That’s the reason you can only join the sessions on invite.

You can sign up HERE. After you’ve put your name on the list, you receive your monthly personal invites via email.

You don’t pay a fixed fee to attend the sessions in the months August and September 2021. We offer this service without any costs attached. However, you’re welcome to give whatever you feel inspired to give after the session. A link where you can offer a donation will be shared after the session.

There is definitely space for the attendees to ask questions. Please note that we can’t promise that everyone will get a turn due to the limited time we have together. But there’s always another session, so another chance. 

They sure can. But they do need their own invite. Everyone is welcome to put their name on the list to receive their invitation to join. Simply forward the url of this page to them: www.theartofconnectedliving.com/live-sessions/. Thank you for being generous in sharing resources with your loved ones to help them grow and evolve!

Transformation starts with a decision

Join the live sessions & transform your life one step at a time.

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