Spoken Poetry

Spoken poetry comes your way on #OutspokenSundays.
May you find a piece of your Self in every piece of poetry.

When won't-power strikes | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

When won’t-power strikes

Along the journey of self-actualization, we all have that moment once in a while where won’t-power strikes and wins from your willpower. You just can’t find the strength to do what you should be doing, and because of your level of self-awareness, it feels terrible. “I’m being lured away from connectedness by cravings and old habits. Making the wrong choices, fully conscious of it, yet I feel powerless to choose differently. It’s torture for my soul.”

The dawn of reflection | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

The dawn of reflection

Meditation and stillness brings great peace, as you might have already experienced yourself. This poem describes the feeling when you rise above all worldly things and allow Truth to settle in. “The turmoil of the ripples and the drama of the waves left behind in the only place they can exist: the superficial surface. Just for a moment, I’m free.”

The Divine Woman | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

The Divine Woman

Last week was the release of the poem “Fear of success”. Right after writing that, a realization dawned upon me: it’s not success that scares me. “It’s the path to success that does. There where I walk in my innate strength, where I speak out on my Truth, where I express my purest self limitlessly. It’s a fear that has roots far into the past. I’m not literally tied up anymore, yet deep marks remain visible on my soul’s body. The divine woman.”

Fear of success | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

Fear of success

Lately I’ve become aware of a fear I didn’t know I had: the fear of success. Every time I’m on the verge of reaching success, this fear makes me want to run. “I pray for the courage to keep going, but meanwhile tears are freely flowing. Where is this intense fear coming from?”

Morning bliss | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

Morning bliss

“As I stand in front of my window in gratitude for another beautiful day, I give praise. A calmness washes over me.” Rooting yourself in your Truth every day isn’t all that hard. All it takes is a moment of gratitude and simply being in the morning. Slow down and allow dawn to sooth you into a brand new day.

Winds of freedom | Spoken poetry | The Art of Connected Living | #outspokensundays

Winds of freedom

Sometimes all you really need to do is show up, find the courage to dive in the deep end and trust. That’s what this poem is about. “I’m being taken care of. There is nothing for me to do, other than showing up and surrendering my all to You.”

Unconditionally satisfied - unlock your heart| The Art of Connected Living - #outspokensundays | Spoken Word, Poetry

Unconditionally satisfied

Let us rise beyond the limitation that is instant gratification and instead build a solid foundation. Often when we humans want something, we want it right here and right now. Sounds familiar? It causes us to chase short highs of feeling good, leaving us feeling empty soon enough after the desire was gratified.

Sat Nam, Truth is my name | The Art of Connected Living - #outspokensundays | Spoken Word, Poetry

Sat nam, Truth is my name

This creation is a poetic introduction of the voice and vessel behind The Art of Connected Living. “My earth name is Sanne. It doesn’t always feel like me. But, in oneness with wholeness I tend to feel nameless. But, feel free to call me San.”

Give to yourself first | #outspokensundays - Poetry, spoken word #outspokensundays | The Art of Connected Living

Give to yourself first

We all know that you can’t pour from an empty cup, yet a lot of us still try to do so. Often without even realizing it. But: “If you keep giving yourself but a fraction of attention, you’ll remain forever poor of pure love and heartfelt satisfaction.”

The sun sets | Poetry, spoken word #outspokensundays | The Art of Connected Living

The sun sets

“The sun sets” is a poetic tribute to the sun reminding us of our truth when she sets. If you’re a sucker for sunsets because of all of the magical feels it gives you, you’re going to love this! A precious moment, to be and behold.