Here to ignite your inner awareness and alignment
So you can live and create freely - in love, peace and joy.


The art where one moves through life in a genuine positive state of being as a result of inner awareness and alignment

Our sole purpose is to help people come home to deeper depths within themselves and connect with their highest truth. So more of us can live and create freely in love, joy and peace. Sharing daily messages of guidance and weekly spoken word, available to all at no cost, is our way of contributing to a global soulful (r)evolution, that starts within each and everyone of us.

May you find the courage to stand fully in your brightest light, discover the well of absolute love and infinite abundance within, and wholeheartedly do what you feel called to do in this lifetime.

Sanne van der Ploeg, Founder of The Art of Connected Living

My earth name is Sanne

Hi, I'm the creator of The Art of Connected Living. But don't get it twisted:
I'm the pen, God the poet.
I'm the messenger, Spirit the guide.
I'm merely the vessel, humbly receiving
what's so generously given by the divine,
as I continue to learn and evolve myself.

The beginnings of The Art of Connected Living
The Art of Connected Living gradually grew into being as I was finding my way out of the maze of conditioned and limited living. Once I discovered the place of connectedness with the highest truth - love, joy and peace - within myself, my whole life experience shifted.

As I uncovered my truth bit by bit, I started to receive clear messages of guidance from something bigger than myself whenever I would be in a receptive state. These divine messages mean everything to me along my journey of evolving, as they help me to feel good and live purposefully. One day I felt strongly called to share, to serve those out there looking for guidance along their journey of personal and spiritual growth. I created a simple email list, invited some people to sign up and started to share daily messages of guidance. That's where it all began. 

The very first message ever to come through

Love and faith are the keys you need to unlock the most fulfilling experiences in life.
Nov. 14, 2018 - somewhere in nature

it's freedom time

Later on, the first week of November 2020, I was guided to go into solitude. I spent 7 days without speaking, without internet connection and without eating for 142 hours. Completely isolated from the world, with the sole purpose to connect with deeper depths of who I am. It was the most beautiful and healing experience, that has set me free in so many ways.

The unfolding of The Art of Connected Living
In the newfound freedom and depth, I naturally started to express myself in different ways. I could now, no past or untruth was holding me back anymore. That resulted in a flow of creation of art in many forms. Real, raw and limitless expression.

Especially a lot poetry came through when the floodgates opened. Pieces with a lot of depth and messages. My hope is that you may find a piece of your Self in every piece of poetry that finds their way to you.


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