We’re an online platform for committed seekers of Self. So if that’s you, welcome beautiful being! We’re glad and grateful that Life guided you to us. We’re here to offer you community, wisdom and elevation of vibration along your journey of cultivating deeper peace and connection within.

When it comes to spirituality and finding connection with your true self, there is no one way. You have to find YOUR way, do things YOUR way. Yet that doesn’t mean that you have to walk alone. Let’s unite and evolve together. We hope that our offerings may serve you well along your path. 

We honor the seeker in you and we bow to your beautiful journey of learning to live in deep connectedness with who you truly are, whether you’re just starting out or are well on your way. Divine woman, may you rise and live in Truth. May we all!

Hi, my name is Sanne

I’m the founder of The Art of Connected Living. I’m passionate about Truth, I’m an artist with (motion) pictures and words, and I love sharing the wisdom I’ve acquired so far by offering my guidance.
But I’m not coming to you as a teacher. I’m a fellow seeker of Self, just humbly serving others along their journey wherever I can. To me it feels like being a big sister to those of you I get to serve more than anything else. I thank you for receiving me and this platform that we’ve created together.

Want to get to know me better? Either follow me on Instagram (@sanne.vdploeg) or tune in with the podcast. With my LOVE.

Let's evolve, together.

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